June 26, 2014

Leaf patterns
Leaf patterns

I am confounded by that bright sun against the dark leaves.  Not sure it’s what I intended when I took the photo, but intent is usually irrelevant anyway.    The image is what it is.

This is another experience of the botanical gardens, proving to be a generous visual source.

I went to my writing practice group this morning.  Each of us writes in response to a prompt and then can choose to read aloud what we wrote.  When I read,  the group laughed at several points and then said they were eager to hear more.   It is not usual to give the writer/reader any feedback at all!  That is the first time I’ve had that kind of response from the group.  It was more than satisfying.  It makes me want to write more.  And then I wonder why that is so.  Is not the writing, both the process and the resulting existence of the words, the forming of the ideas, enough?

My artist’s statement says that the work is completed by the act of looking.  Perhaps it is the same with written work; it is completed by being read/heard.  Yes?

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