June 26, 2015

The Purple Puffball Flower
The Purple Puffball Flower

We walked twice today and found these.  I love the itty bitty white tips.  And the darker magenta in the center.  And the zillions of petals (?) or whatever they are.  There must be a thousand of them, or more.

We also walked by lavender at the campground, and I don’t think that has appeared in the blog yet.  The naturalist on duty told us that most of the shrubs and flowers nearby are non-native.  I wonder how they will all fare long-term during this drought, with limited watering.  The Midwest should send us some of its plentiful rain!

Ah!  I guess I described it well.  The internet told me that it is a “sensitive briar” (Mimosa quadrivalvis )  and native to the central US.  It was the wildflower of the year for Kansas in 2010!

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  1. IF this is what I think it is, it has a flat green leaf w/ many tiny tips on either side of the rib. Touch the leaf gently and it will close. In rural Kansas we called them “sensitive plants.”

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