June 26, 2016

And Drink
And Drink

Let’s just continue with the food…and drink.  A smoothie and an I’m-not-sure.  I think that’s Craig’s hand, so it might be an alcoholic refresher of some sort, or just iced tea!

I had a bit of wine with dinner a few times when it just showed up, but don’t think I ordered any.  I would so much prefer to eat my calories.  I must have had beer at least once, with pizza maybe at lunch, but can’t say much about either drink.  The coffee was good but not memorable.  Compared to the food, anyway.  But that’s just me; others were excited by their vino opportunities.  Maybe I’ve just not developed the palate.  That’s ok.  There will be a few more photos of Italy, and then I will return to the beach and vicinity!

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