June 27, 2014

Another pink
Another pink

That’s my second pink-y purple flower this week.  And I’m wearing the only hot pink item of clothing I own.  I must need pink, somehow!

It’s funny how color choices work.  I’ve been making some quilt-like objects, and I’ve been using colors that appeal, for some reason,  but that I wouldn’t wear.  One’s wardrobe reflects not just what colors are attractive, but what is flattering combined with what is available.  I remember a summer in which I’d walk in and immediately out  of one store after another, seeing only pastels.  Another summer, everything was navy.

But all colors are beautiful.  It’s hard to have a favorite.  I have even mixed up the “ugliest” colors of paint and then deliberately created something harmonious from them.  That’s because there are no “ugly” colors.  Really.  (Yet another post I ended with the word “really!”)

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