June 29, 2016

Bologna Pizza
Bologna Pizza

This was fast food cheap pizza and it was scrumptious.  Big square pans came out about every two minutes and were gobbled up just as fast.  A square was a hefty snack, about $2, and so good that I had a second one.  This pizza had more toppings than any other we had, but the crust had that nice thick chewy crispy char.  The beer was also good.

I’m about to start making my own pizza dough.  And sauce.  And perhaps buy a pizza stone or even a steel, which transmits the heat even better than a stone.  In a home oven, you are limited because it doesn’t really get hot enough.  But I’m craving good pizza and have been disappointed around here, and even in Little Italy downtown.  So…

I’ll make some dough and let it cure in the fridge for two or three days.  I’ll make a batch of simple sauce and keep it in the fridge, and use it sparingly.  And sprinkle with some anchovies and not too much cheese.  Hope I’ll come close.  It would be an expensive pizza to fly back to Italy for it!  Pasta is easier to reproduce at home.  We had it for supper tonight.  Thank you, Italians!

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  1. Have you thought about a pizza steel on your outdoor grill? (assuming it gets hotter that the oven on your range)

    1. That’s a great idea, especially since we have a new grill — the old one corroded and fell apart after two years in the salt air!

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