June 30, 2014

New cactus
New cactus

New to me, that is.  I love the spiraling columns interspersed with thorns.  Prickly.  I get pretty prickly sometimes, especially when I am afraid.

There is a lot to fear.  Supreme Court decisions that erode choice because of falsely equating corporations with persons; situation in Ukraine; situations in Iraq and Syria…I can’t bring myself to watch/read about the news these days.  I catch snippets on the radio and wince — or despair.  I wish World Cup Soccer were a distraction for me!

I will read, I will write, I will notice and make photos, I will cook and share my cooking, I will knit, I will make art.  Later this fall I will get to help someone with reading and writing.  I will vote.  I will conserve energy.  I will walk wherever I can.  I will not let the water run.  I will combine errands.  I will use nature’s own air conditioning in the summer and dress more warmly in the fall and winter.

The speaker at MIT said we need to “go out there and get angry.”  Would that really make a difference?  What would it take to make a difference?  Getting prickly isn’t enough.

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