June 4, 2015

Ms. and Mr. Mallard
Ms. and Mr. Mallard

AKA wild duck, a dabbling duck, and scientific name Anas platyrhynchos.  You really wanted to know that, eh?!

They were holding down our sidewalk on the way to the beach, and Mr. was sure giving Ms. a talking-to.  Gabble gabble quack squawk.  We all got quite an earful.  They didn’t seem terribly concerned at our approach, although perhaps their conversation went, “No bread crumbs in sight or scent, but they don’t look threatening.  Just mind your own business and perhaps they’ll walk around us.”  Which we did.

3 thoughts on “June 4, 2015”

  1. Having had their ducklings made way for and all grown up, they are currently in California on vacation from the Boston Public Garden.

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