June 5, 2016

Clean Sidewalks!
Clean Sidewalks!

I don’t think we saw this anywhere else, but don’t you think it’s fitting for Orvieto?  And she has the perfect haircut and those cute blue shoes.  Her shop was just down the street from our hotel.

Oh, the shoes.  I almost bought some just to put on a shelf and look at, like an art object.  Sculptures.  For the feet.  Just not my difficult-to-fit-10.5AAAA feet.  So I went home without Italian shoes.

The purses were just as gorgeous, though, and I admit to buying two of them.  I hope to have them for years and years.  A sophisticated black one for winter and a fun summery multi-colored one, both with butter-soft leather and all the “smartness” of Italian design — plus price tags that would have been much higher were they purchased at home.  That’s the rationale, anyway.  It took much shopping and looking and comparing to make the decisions — great fun!

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