June 8, 2016

Orvieto Farewell
Orvieto Farewell

One last shot, then we’ll move on.  I was waxing eloquent, I hope, to a friend today about Orvieto.  Did I love it as much when I was there?

I do think that looking at the photos and writing about them cements the impressions.  It all went by so fast, so intensely; it was a plethora of visual stimulation, tour guide input (generally for several hours, on and off), great tastes, lots of exercise and fresh air, and all with newness and novelty abounding.

And that’s why we travel, eh?  To look and see and feel and think and taste and wonder, and become a bit more aware of the bigness and the smallness of the world, the sameness and the uniqueness, the history and the ever-present novel present.

I am grateful for this collection of opportunities.

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