June 9, 2016

Deruta Ceramics
Deruta Ceramics

One of the many pleasures of our Smithsonian trip was the short jaunts, the side trips, the special treats.  After we saw Assisi,  the birthplace of Saint Francis, with its basilica featuring Giotto and Cavellini frescoes, we visited Deruta, a famed ceramics center.   And I’ve shown you lots of churches, so here’s a change of pace!

We saw a demo of expert hand-done ceramics painting at a place owned by two sisters.  And oh my, are they prolific.  We also saw a video of a husband making the actual clay forms.  Some of them are wheel-thrown, others mold-made.

What you see here is about 10-20% of the contents of their large shop.  It was prettiness everywhere you looked, and of course most of us bought something.  We came home with small candlesticks and a matching bowl — limited luggage room was helpful in curbing our purchasing.

Had we been driving or on our own, I doubt we would have stopped here.  Or in Perugia.  Or chosen our Tuscan Villa Lecchi.  Or seen the American cemetery in Florence.  But I’m getting ahead of myself!

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