March 12, 2017

A Photo of a Photo

With reflections and faint self-portrait thrown in for good measure.

I took this during a car ride back to Kansas from points north (Iowa or Wisconsin or Minnesota?) some years back.  I love its stark desolation and almost-black-and-white.  The dusting of snow just dots the tilled ground, and that lone tree…well, the Midwest in winter just feels like that, doesn’t it?  A little defiant, a little elegantly barren, a little full of promise, a little forbidding.

I think I shot it out the car window, which I probably opened, because the reflections are from today’s copy, not in the original.

Photos of photos have history built into their layering.  We all do.

3 thoughts on “March 12, 2017”

  1. But wouldn’t your reflection have to be in the original, hence having the window closed? Just a thought.

  2. No, on the right is the reflection of the doorway near the wall the photo is hung on, and my faint shadow is on the left. The original has no hint of either. I left it on the wall as I photographed it last night…

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