March 14, 2015


Must be yummy, as [s]he’s marching off with it so proudly!  It even looks like [s]he’s smiling — in anticipation?

A day on the beach that was nearly hot.  80s.  Almost too warm for me.  But tomorrow might be a good day for a picnic, and we took off our sandals and walked in the water today.  The hard sand under my winter-white feet felt so good!

2 thoughts on “March 14, 2015”

  1. Another 🙂 from me.
    Telling another artist about your blog just yesterday. And how much I’m learning about art, life, and how it relates to my thought and life. And that’s from someone who knows nothing about art, as such.
    Bless you, Friend.

  2. Your appreciation is a gift to me.
    And I think we all know about art; certainly as children do, and many have an urge for ‘making’ in various realms. Visual noticing is a practice; having art training provides exposure to and experience with vocabulary, tools, techniques, skills, materials, and processes. Some of those are available on a casual basis — think phone cameras, think Internet blogs!

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