March 18, 2015

Little critter on rock
Little critter on rock

Lots of legs.  Never seen one like this before.  He was crawling around on the big jagged rocks of the jetty.  About an inch long.

On a different scale, and also on the beach, was yet another sea lion.  One yesterday, too.  The one today was galumphing himself through the low tide wet sand and then up through the thicker, drier sand and  onto the rocks.

The lifeguards do an evaluation.  If the animal is injured or suffering from emaciation, they call Sea World to rescue it; otherwise, they let it be.  Sea lions apparently go in and out of the water and up onto beaches and rocks even when they are healthy.  It’s just sad to know there are so many hungry suffering animals about, apparently a record number this year.  Sometimes it seems there is a record number of things to be distressed about; or do we just find out about them more readily than in the past?

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