March 2, 2017

More Spring

I’d like some spring in my step, too!  It really helps to be keeping our eyes open and noticing.   When I left the house today, there wasn’t much that was calling for my attention.  I was just going to the mailbox, after all.  So I turned around and said, nope, I’ve done the daisies, I’ve done the birds-of-paradise; have I done these ubiquitous pink shrubs?  And I can’t even remember what they are called.  I searched, entering ‘pale pink 5-petal blossom on glossy green southern California shrub.’  Lots of pretty plants, but not this one…help?  I have a feeling I *used* to know what it is!

2 thoughts on “March 2, 2017”

  1. Yeah, me, too. Sorry, can’t help. But will look forward to hearing what it is when you find out.

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