March 23, 2014

A tangled web
A tangled web

We weave, the sea weaves — with seaweed.  This seems to resemble the base of the kelp plants, but the texture is more uniform and the color is certainly different.  The kelp bases are beige and yellow and red and black; this is just black.  Rather beautiful, eh?

There seemed to be slightly less trash on the beach today.  Has the surf washed it away?  Does someone pick it up?  There are huge beach clean-up days, it seems, but only once a year.  Then there are school projects for beach clean-up.  I don’t go to school.  Maybe I should.  I really like going to school.  Then I could be part of a clean-up!

Tomorrow we go with a big white trash bag and gloves and pick up what we can.

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