March 25, 2017

More Happy Little Succulents

To echo Bob Ross (may he rest in peace)…and they are getting bigger every day, although I guess their happiness is anthropomorphizing a bit, but why not?  It is amazing what benign neglect can do.  One of these days I should go out and water these.  They sit on the front porch, a bit hidden by a support column, and I forget about them.  I guess the rain doesn’t forget them, although I don’t know that much rain can reach them under cover.  Under cover rain, hm….a good title for a mystery?  A climate-based mystery?  I’m actually reading one of those now, although I didn’t realize it when I chose it from the library.

If I get tired of photos, I guess I could do book reviews.  No.  I think I’ll stick with photos and rambling commentary!

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