March 26, 2014

Kelp sculpture
Kelp sculpture

It really looks monumental, as did the enormous twisted pile of kelp it came from.  The mass of kelp was at least 50 feet long — maybe 100!

It was tormented and tangled, fat and thin, spiraling and turning, piled and stretched.  It was easily ten times the size of any similar pile we’ve seen.

We’ve had rain squalls these past two days, and the surf seems to be squalling as well.  Perhaps all that turbulence was able to uproot this enormous bramble of yellow-brown and wash it ashore.  I photographed the entire thing, but it was difficult to create a sense of its scale with my phone camera.

I’m happy to have been able to walk today, just before sunset.  It was a busy art day; I gave a “tour” of the fiber show at Soka University to some friends.  They were an appreciative and responsive audience and liked my piece, which references the form of a wave.  Which is why I mention it here.  Art and the ocean, yes?

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