March 3, 2014

California Sea Hare
California Sea Hare

New things wash up on the beach, the stony beach, the very much shallower beach.  And this creature is fascinating and beautiful and repulsive all at once.  I don’t know why it’s repulsive; and why are stones and shells beautiful?  They are all nature’s creations, and this poor thing must have died an unexpected and difficult death, swept out of its secure home and onto the sand.  It made me feel both sad and vulnerable.

The sky was stunning today and I wanted to include a sky photo but I am determined to be choosy about this blog, to keep it brief, and to keep it focused.  Sort of.  There I go, talking about the sky.  The clouds were those fluffy small puffs aligned in rows against a bright clear blue after-the-rain glory, and perhaps I’ll use a photo of them if they appear tomorrow.

But California Sea Hare needed its memorial.  I wouldn’t have known what it was had I not been informed by an expert at the Point Loma tidal pools several weeks ago.  Thank you.

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