March 3, 2017


A pile of crocheted…circles.  I was laying them out on a quilt.  Then I piled them up and thought they looked like some sort of cake or pastry.  Or hat.  Or pillow.  Or flower.  Or maybe just a pile of crocheted circles.

I don’t usually put my art experiments or results or explorations or process out here, but, well, I am wondering what these are and where they want to be and whether they will speak to me.  I have had them for a long time.  Something tells me I should make more.  Hundreds more.  But that’s weird.  Maybe that’s art?  Weird can be weird.  Or just fun.  Or a one-liner.  So “Circle Game” just started playing in my head.  I need to find that yarn.  And crochet some more circles.  Maybe.

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