March 31, 2014

Beach flowers
Beach flowers

I think I counted at least ten varieties of flowers on the cliff bluffs:  yellow daisies, white daisies, orange poppies, white bunchberry(?), white violets, purple violets, ice plant, purple statice , white statice, and red bottle brush.  You see a few of them above.  And it’s still March!

March blew out like the lion, with 15 mph gusts and a need for ear coverings during our walk.  I was really tired and dubious about walking, but I’m so glad we did, even if we abbreviated it considerably. Being tired after a walk is so much more pleasant than being tired before a walk!

I have flowers on the table at special times. However, I’m not a great gardener; although, to my astonishment, I seem to be able to keep my indoor orchids going quite nicely.   Someone gave me one right after we moved to California, and they are a common hostess gift,  it seems.  They appear to thrive on benign neglect, which is the best I can offer them.  I wish other things did…How much more the world would thrive if we could just smile and sing a note or two and carefully pour a little water…

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