March 5, 2014

Another storm casualty
Another storm casualty

There were at least four of these on the beach today, in various places, some even up against the cliffs.  Lost traps must be expensive; I wonder when they are discovered missing?  And how damaged is this — would it be salvageable?  I wonder how long it will be there.  Who owns it now?  Would someone pick it up and use it for yard art?

Yesterday’s structure of bamboo (?) was no longer standing; the pieces were on the sand, either blown over by wind or knocked over by water or human hands.  It would have been surprising to see it still standing, yet it made me wistful.

The sky was gray and featureless today, matching my mood.  I feel numbed by loss, with a bit of cranky and weary around the edges. There will be some family memory-sharing time after the funeral, and I hope that will help.  Help with what?  Why do we do this “celebration of life” AFTER someone dies?  Why don’t we make a bigger effort to do this BEFORE, maybe on birthdays?


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