March 7, 2014

Whose holes?
Whose holes?

Did creatures make these holes, make themselves at home?  And that lovely kelp pod just dropped there so perfectly, should it be proud of itself?  And those crusty shells on the left, are they remains of previous denizens?  (Love that word…)

We were on a different part of the beach today because tides were so high.  The beach varies more than I would have thought.  We went south and found people playing sand volleyball, with series of nets set up by the city.  There was someone sitting ramrod straight and meditating a bit further down, and family groups, and walkers.  More people than usual, perhaps because it’s Friday.

The waves were tall enough that they obscured the horizon when viewed from the right angle.  The roaring was immense; it wasn’t stormy, just big surf!  There was enough variability that we played tag with the waves — they were “it” and nearly tagged us.  The water is warm enough that it’s not terrible to get your sneakers wet, but it is rather squoozly to walk in them afterwards.  It will be nice to go barefoot.  Soon.

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