March 8, 2015

Beached Sea Lion
Beached Sea Lion

Poor thing.  He was moving his head around but not too much more.  The lifeguards sent for rescue.  They got him into a net and then a crate, which was loaded into a truck.  It was hot on the beach in the sun.  I hope he got some water and some medical treatment.  Lots of people watching with concern.  This was on the dog beach in Encinitas this afternoon.  We had breakfast/brunch out and then a 3-mile walk on this beach.  We once saw a stranded sea lion in La Jolla, too.  Someone said there isn’t enough food for them.  Sad.

3 thoughts on “March 8, 2015”

  1. That was pretty frightening for the sea lion but he will have a story to tell his friends when he gets back to the ocean. Like, “I was hot and thirsty on the beach and I didn’t know where everyone had gone. These people were hanging around and I just wanted them to go away and leave me alone. Then, suddenly one of the runs up and tries to smother me in kelp. I barked at him to scare him off and turned around and another had a cave and shut me in. They rattled a hard barrier and then there was an earthquake. I had heard of them but never knew how awful they were. My cave rolled back and forth and the beach went up and down and the ocean was nowhere to be seen! I was really worried. Were they going to make me a slave? Was I going to be eaten alive? Then I was slammed onto a hard place and the whole earth was moving under me. The ground bumped and bounced and there was an awful noise. I couldn’t even hear the sea anymore. I was totally lost and in utter despair. What would become of me?”

  2. A sad tale indeed, even the story Richard told. In the meantime I’m hoping and praying that God bless all the creatures in the deep blue sea.

    1. Just want to love and hug them all. Our environment is so out of balance these days. Praying for that, too, as an individual as well as for the collective.

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