May 1, 2016

The Star of the Show
The Star of the Show

We went to Italy via New York City.  The star of the shows — in both places — was definitely art, with food and scenery tied for second.  So what better image to start with than “Starry Night?!”

I’ll start in New York, which consisted of three days of museums, family, and friends. The MOMA was a real treat.  So many iconic pieces that are dear.

The blog will still be an ocean blog; after all, we saw the Atlantic as well as the Adriatic and  Tyrrhenian seas, with the Ligurian and Mediterranean seas in the distance.  You can’t be too far from water in Italy!   I don’t think I knew about the Tyrrhenian and Ligurian before…it was an educational trip indeed.

“Starry Night” is wistful, don’t you think?  Especially because of the artist’s history.  Wouldn’t he love how we love it?

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