May 12, 2014

Pelican lost and found
Pelican lost and found

It was way too big to belong to anyone else.  Except perhaps Mr. Hawk.  But pelican is more likely.

There are feathers of all sizes on the beach.  This one is about 10-12″ long.  Our mantel contains a collection of shells.  A basket has an assortment of tubular shell-like objects.  An end table has rocks assorted by color and a few little towers.  Another end table has a green glass bowl of shells.  Another mantel holds some of those gnarly twisted roots.  All seem achingly beautiful to me.

I’ve never had so much of nature in my house.  And now I guess I could start a feather collection.  Somehow, though, feathers seem even more intimate, like skin perhaps?  I would find them cruel, I think, like deer heads and pinned butterflies.  No feathers.

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