May 14, 2016

Time for Breakfast
Time for Breakfast

The breakfast buffets were ample and varied.  Breakfast was included in all five places we stayed.  This was part of the selection at the Hotel San Francesco in Maiori.  We learned quickly that we should eat an enormous breakfast, usually around 7:30 or 8:00, because lunch might not be until 1:30, and we’d be walking and standing and traipsing and strolling from about 9 o’clock on.

There was usually a plate of meats and cheeses; pastries of varying sorts (croissants, rolls, tortes, pine nut cake), breads, granola, fruit, juices, and coffee.  Sometimes eggs or potatoes.  And at our next-to-last and perhaps favorite place, several hot pizzas appeared each morning as well!

We soon realized we should also wrap a pastry in a napkin and put it in our pack/purse to eat around 11 am!  Six miles a day is a lot of walking for us, and we were also using our brains as students, learning so much from each local tour guide as well as our intrepid, fearless, patient, with-us-through-it-all guide Pier Luigi.

They were all breakfasts of champions!

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