May 16, 2014

We build
We build

Walking on the beach at sunset tonight had some pleasant surprises.  First, these two lovely structures…and then three pods (?) of dolphins diving in the waves.  There were possibly a dozen of them, out just where the waves formed, flashes of shiny black too quick to photograph, but out of the water just long enough to catch our eye.

Several people gathered at the view point deck to watch them.  The campground seemed nearly full.  Lots of cooking, setting up bedding in tents, kids running around, two girls playing a beanbag game, one guy sitting in his deck chair with the pose of the king of the mountain; many dogs, including an enormous one of indeterminate breed lying peacefully in his doorway but obviously not one to mess with.  There are over 200 campsites and it seemed very urban in its density of people, structures, and activity.

We can’t imagine ourselves RV-ing, yet when I said I was curious about them and we should go to an RV show,  I got agreement!

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