May 18, 2014

The cliffs
The cliffs

They are pretty cool, eh?

We weren’t down there, today, though.  We went downtown for a friend’s birthday party and walked a bit near our old haunts.  Not that I haunted anything,  I don’t think.

It’s funny being downtown.  I remember all the things I liked and all the things I didn’t like.   We met someone who moved from here to Chicago, right on (in?) The Loop.  She loves Chicago, not needing a car, having a view from the 29th floor, having a balcony, having four kinds of public transportation in her block, and all the cultural opportunities plus a reasonable cost of housing in a new condo building.

I thought (but didn’t say,) “Wonderful!  Except for the weather!  Great to have all that easy transportation and museums and shopping, but who wants to bundle up in winter clothes and worry about the ice and snow and slipping on the sidewalks…or the heat and humidity and storms and mosquitoes?!”  So I am definitely weather-spoiled.  And ocean-spoiled.

I must walk on the beach tomorrow.

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