May 19, 2014

Shell in rock
Shell in rock

Three-mile walk this morning in perfect weather.  I love these colonized rocks, and I guess there are some sea creatures that like the urban environment.  They don’t have to rent Car-to-Go,  hunt for parking spaces, nor tolerate their neighbors’ smoke/music/barking dogs.  There’s no excessive truck traffic with its accompanying fuel fumes, no train whistles, and no drunken sidewalk carousers in the wee hours.

And that’s not saying I didn’t enjoy downtown living.  I did.  And I like going back there to do things.  It has an energy and vitality that I miss. And convenience, too.  Sophistication, perhaps.  And — I’m glad I live here, where I can walk on the beach nearly daily, now.

We might try a city again sometime.  Or something we haven’t tried before.  I’ve never lived in the “country.”  I know I’d enjoy the quiet — but not the isolation.  The nature — but not the inconvenience.  But who’s to say?  I’m game…

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