May 2, 2016

Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast

It really looks like that.  A lot of Italy seemed like a movie set, but there I was.  Art imitates life imitates art…I took many, many photos of art in New York and in Italy.  But I’ll restrain myself.  The ones in the art history books are better, of course, but I took them, somewhat quickly, just to remember..  You spend a lot more time remembering the trip than actually doing it, and photos help.

Amalfi was a wonderland.  We stayed in a town called Maori; we had a boat trip along the coast, and this is the white-washed wonderland we saw.  The pansies were the prevalent planted flower and they were abundant.  It had been a rainy March, all the better for us: we had only a few hours of light rain one day of the twenty we were in Italy in April.

Everywhere you looked was a postcard in the making.

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  1. A wonderful start to a Fabulous trip! I will definitely follow each entry to your blog (and share your trip vicariously!)

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