May 20, 2014

Moody sunset sky
Moody sunset sky

The sky is often moody and so am I.  How I wish that were not so, but I am prone to unhappy introspection.  I do wonder at people who seem to be perpetually cheerful.  Are they truly always cheerful, or do they do their moods only and always in private?

Do a mood.  I like that notion.  That gives me more of a sense of choice.  I can do a mood — or not.  Maybe I can delay a mood?  Maybe I can even avoid a mood?  Could I possibly UN-mood?

Moody skies are much more attractive than moody people.  I try to UN-mood when I write here.  That is good.  I would like to practice UN-mooding more!  And there is some healthy pink there, even in that moody sky, yes?

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