May 27, 2016

And Another Floor
And Another Floor

This (and the one from yesterday) were both in the Vatican.  I prefer the wholly geometric ones (or is that ‘holy?’) but the pictorial ones are amazing too.  I particularly like the round motifs and the teal-ish and brown color scheme here.  It seems very modern in some ways.

As you can see in the background, upper right, there are barriers that prevent people from walking on and wearing away the surface.  I think that’s ok.  The place is plenty big enough for both people and preservation.  “Big church” became just a side comment.  Even the small ones were big.  Or at least, the small ones we saw were big.  And beautiful, and awesome in some ways, just as intended.

One thought on “May 27, 2016”

  1. Love the amazing colors, especially the blues which struck me first. I understand that all of the ancient structures in Rome are enormous, a way that the Romans could show their authority and power. My goodness, what you’ve seen and experienced. Just wonderful!

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