May 28, 2016

St. Peter's
St. Peter’s

Biggest.  Church.  Ever.  And I know there are many, many powerful photos out there.  But for some reason, the angles in this appeal.  And all the others I took are either close-ups, or they have hordes of people in them, or hordes of folding chairs, or ropes, or scaffolding, or other distractions.

Pope Francis declared this a Jubilee year, despite it not being on the usual 25-year cycle.  Therefore there was a Jubilee door — THE big Jubilee door — you could walk through, incurring for yourself a special blessing, “passing over the threshold of the holy door to symbolise the passing into the presence of God…”  (Wikipedia)  He also broke with tradition and had other Jubilee doors designated in other locations.

I walked through it.  I am happy to receive any blessings offered to me.  And I’m happy to do something special in honor of my Catholic friends.  More blessings.  More love.  Say yes.

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