May 30, 2016

Gelato Treats
Gelato Treats

A whole case full of them.   And this place in Rome was the best.  So here goes a gelato cone description:

Choose your molten chocolate to be drizzled into the bottom of the cone: dark for me.  The yum goes all the way to the bottom!  Now choose your gelato, two large soft scoops: Hazelnut and Pistachio for me!  Now choose your flavored whipped cream:  Mocha for me (vanilla or lemon would be great with other flavors.)  Now choose another chocolate drizzle on top:  Yep, dark again.  And what chocolate would you like your wafer cookie dipped into, dark, milk, or white?  Yes, dark.  And perch that wafer cookie on top of your tower of goodness!  I forgot to take a picture, because I started right in on eating.

Now, who does a gelato cone like that anywhere else?  And all for $2.50!  It’s pretty competitive in Italy.  I think we had three of these; missed just one day.  There was gelato elsewhere, plenty of it, but nothing else came close.  Good thing we were walking so much!

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  1. Fun! Had gelato for dessert in London last evening! But looking forward to a place I’ve heard about in Berlin next week. 🙂 More on all of that later.

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