May 31, 2015

Another New One
Another New One

Almost every day I go for a walk, phone camera in my pocket, wondering if I’ll see something new that’s worthy of notice and comment.  Seventeen months, and I don’t think I’ve done too many repeats.  I had no idea there were so many different kinds of rocks/stones, shells, shoreline marine critters, flowers, shrubs, seaweed/grasses, sand patterns, birds, sunsets, clouds, horizons…and then there’s the art in museums and galleries that I’ve photographed when I haven’t been near my beloved ocean.

And it’s all art, isn’t it?  Here, the intense, vibrant, saturated yellow is just amazing, set off perfectly by the ocher central forms (pistils? stamen? buds? oh, 7th grade biology was so so long ago!) and by the shiny leaves with their sympathetic yellow undertones.  The frilled floral edges and the linear pattern of the veins in the leaves? It couldn’t be more perfect.

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