May 31, 2017

May Gray

Brings mushrooms.  May Gray and June Gloom are my second-favorite season around here.  May Gray starts with early morning coolness and dampness that sometimes fogs into afternoon and evening cool and damp as well.  Hence mushrooms.  And my favorite season here is late-autumn into winter, which is five to six months of cool, clear, sometimes crisp, sometimes sunny days, many many of them in succession, broken only occasionally by a few hours of sprinkle or sudden downpour.  My not-favorite season is summer, which for me is too warm (anything over 75 is excessive, don’t you think) and brings more tourists on the roads and in the restaurants,  and more people on the beach, and having to turn on the air conditioning, which is really silly in a climate like this!

So it’s likely there were photos of mushrooms about a year ago.  I will have to check.  Thank you for tuning in…

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