May 5, 2016

Shop Window
Shop Window

We stopped in many towns on the Amalfi coast; one was Ravello, where we tasted limoncello, a popular after-dinner drink made from the local lemons.   It was delicious although quite strong.  I liked the bottles better than their contents!   This display was typical of the colorful shop windows that we saw frequently.  Ornate, formal bottles with little yellow sticky price tags!

3 thoughts on “May 5, 2016”

  1. Who who waned a little alcohol could ignore such an enticing display. Italy takes art quite seriously.

    1. Limoncello,an acquired taste, like olives, is very soothing after a delicious, but very filling, Italian dinner. Mmmmmm!
      Keep this wonderful blog going, so much fun to see your trip through YOUR eyes!

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