May 7, 2016

Amalfi with Tree
Amalfi with Tree

Wherever we went along the coast, it was beautiful, and this tree had this gorgeous view every day.  Happy tree.  Happy us.  The drive was very um…entertaining.  In many sections, the road is only one and a half lanes wide.  Two tour buses meet on a narrow, twisty road…sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it was more like a dramatic comedy sketch.  Who backs up?  Who hugs the wall?  Sometimes one of the sides of the road is cliff.  Then it’s even more interesting.  And very twisty.

We had a woman driving a large car heading toward us.  Everyone slows down, as it is obvious that we don’t both fit.  There are some backings up and some gesturings and some more backings up and some false starts and then…she throws up her hands and gets out of her car, walking along side us and peering at the road as if sizing things up.  Her husband (?) appears and moves into the driver’s seat and…we all chortle and wonder what’s next!  Someone backed up a whole long way.

One time, we gave our bus driver a round of spontaneous applause.  Our tour guide said this was nothing.  Early April is the very beginning of the tourist season.  He said July is crazy.  There’s a lot of crazy out there!

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