November 12, 2015

Another Fuzzy Critter
Another Fuzzy Critter

How many zillion times we have walked these paths, and then I see two of these lovely caterpillars only a few days apart, the brown one and this gray one.  “Caterpillar” — what a strange name.  From French.  “Hairy cat” according to one source; “Little dog” according to another.   Sounds good to me.   But ‘caterpillar’ sounds better.  Once you hear that word, you don’t forget it.  Four syllables, two  ‘r’s.    In transition, eh?   Are we all caterpillars?

4 thoughts on “November 12, 2015”

  1. Thanks for your thoughtful question. Answering it is a good exercise for me. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Sometimes I can actually see myself flying as that beautiful butterfly and sometimes there is a lot of patient waiting.

  2. I’m haunting myself with my own question…we are all be-coming? A wise woman at Brown, only 17 or 18 herself, suggested to the freshman me, “Don’t think so much, just BE.” While I understand that, I now wonder a bit where thinking comes in as a part of being. Why should they be contradictory? Perhaps she was telling me to BE in the moment and feel that moment. That’s how I interpret it now, anyway.

    1. I like that. Thanks. Although I’m sometimes good at thinking, it has also gotten me into a lot of trouble. Just BEing present with the divine is something I’m learning.

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