November 15, 2017


And leaves and stems and bricks.  The colors and shapes.  It’s all about the colors and shapes.  But then, it often is.

I like the wildness.  And the diagonals of the twiggy branches.  And the grayish green in the lower right-hand corner.  There’s more gray-green at the top right.  I don’t know what I think of the dark gray concrete on the left.  Maybe it anchors the wind-blown branches.  Or is a foil to the old brick.  At any rate, it works for me.

The berries themselves are some soft and round to sprinkle and cluster in front of the sturdiness of structure, of more regular, intentioned geometry.  And they aren’t shy.

My photos are memory quirks, and serve me, asking me to notice and to think about what’s there, why I chose it, and what it means to me — while I just start writing and see what happens.  This is what happened.

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