November 16, 2016

More November Color
More November Color

Near Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, the town just to the south of Carlsbad.  We got lunch at a great diner, then went to the art supply store, where we met the lovely owners.  Followed that with ice cream cones (three scoops of Mocha Madness!  and they call it a single scoop!) which we took with us as we walked to the beach, sat on a bench in the sun, and watched a volleyball game, birds, and children playing.

The joys of a SoCal beach town in mid-November.  I’d like only two more things: rain and progressive government, one provided by nature and the other provided by our better nature.  If only.

One thought on “November 16, 2016”

  1. Love your color in atmosphere and life. And with you in prayer for progress and balance all the way around – in weather and in government.

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