November 18, 2014

Our Cliffs
Our Cliffs

On a very cold winter day in the rest of the country…I wore a light jacket and light scarf at the beginning of our walk on the beach today.  When the sun came out and the wind abated, I removed my jacket and scarf.  There weren’t many people in the water nor on the beach, but it was probably 70 degrees F in the brief hour of sun.

I don’t much show these cliffs that I refer to every so often, but here’s a shot that shows a bit of sand, the slope’s vegetation that’s so common, and the requisite palm trees.  Southern California is flaunting its charms today as the rest of the country chills and digs out from too much snow, with more to come.   If the dreaded DEFF (Drought, Earthquake, Flood, and Fire) keeps its distance, we will continue to enjoy our taste of paradise — with gratitude.

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