November 21, 2014

Another sand painting
Another sand painting

Happy turtle (tortoise?) and I found it irresistible.

A few weeks ago, a real tortoise.  Today, a facsimile.  “This is not a tortoise.”  (Thank you, Magritte!)

Someone asked me today why I write this blog.  Hm…perhaps to remind myself that the visual world and the written word are of utmost importance.  To me and to others.

It provides a form — and a forum? — that allows me to partake of the visual and the written.  And to celebrate them.

It is also a lovely brief discipline.  And it comforts me when my artistic output — the “show-able” kind — is at a low.  It serves as a journal of a sort; it is not about what I do, but rather about how I respond to the world around me, mostly the ocean and other art forms.

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