November 22, 2017

Once Again

With feeling.  I think I’ve used a photo of this sort of plant before, but if so, it’s been a while.  The mini-leaves and the red and yellow contrasts are appealing, as is the tangle.  Order in the midst of chaos.

Speaking of chaos, people my age remember just where they were 54 years ago today.  I was in study hall, and the math problem I was working on was a set theory problem, involving the set of presidents who died in office.  Chilling.

One thought on “November 22, 2017”

  1. I was headed to lunch when one of the girl cheerleaders, someone who would normally not speak to someone like me, looked in my eyes as we passed in the hallway, and said tearfully that the President had been shot. I’ll never forget that moment or the days that followed.

    Yes, may we find order in the midst of the chaos. It’s there. And I’m grateful for every strand of it, especially on this Thanksgiving Day.

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