November 23, 2014

Kelp writing
Kelp writing

And the patterns in the sand.  And the marvelous shadow.  And the sprinkles of sand on the stem of the kelp.  And the white rock underneath.  I couldn’t decide which photo to post.  Some days yield so many good ones!

End of November.  Shorts and t-shirts on the beach.  Wading in the water.  People swimming, children frolicking.  The nights are cool.  The season of perfect weather: windows open during the day, no mechanical heating or cooling required.  Sunshine and stunning sunsets.  Elsewhere, snow and the threat of flooding.  Earthquakes in Asia.  Much of the world at war or in despair.  I need to do my infinitesimal bit to heal the world! I made a dozen art sketches yesterday and gave four of them to friends.  Today I transcribed some of my writing.  I cooked two meals (that is a definition of fortunate in itself!)  I have finished knitting a hat for the “homeless” and have a second one nearly done.  None of this feels like enough, though.   I guess it never does.

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