November 23, 2015

Touching Stone
Touching Stone

Then there were these wonderful stones in the bonsai gardens.  Sculptural chunks — but that’s too awkward a word — carved pieces, that’s better —  meant for looking and touching.  Very cool and solid and grounded feeling, even though they were on pedestals, and quite a nice contrast to the bonsai delicacy.

I see figures in this one, but it’s up to your eyes to see what you see.

5 thoughts on “November 23, 2015”

  1. What she said. A salmon appears to be struggling upstream. The whole image seems quite energetic. You have so many good pictures, but this one really stands out for me.

    1. Thank you. I thought it was pretty rich in possibility, too!

      I resist telling what I see because I don’t want to direct the viewer’s experience. I am also careful titling my art; same reason. Sometimes with a very abstract piece (which my work usually is), I give a slight hint. But vague enough to be open. In one of my artist’s statements, I say that the viewer completes the work in the act of seeing, pondering, feeling…the work is inert. It just sits on the wall or pedestal or floor, a passive object until it is seen.

      Then, one hopes, there is a sort of dialog. Unfortunately, the artist doesn’t often get to witness that. Musicians and actors get their responses a bit more directly, I think. Artists don’t get applause. Except in the form of your comments, everyone, which I truly appreciate!

      1. Love your thoughts on this. I’d never thought about the dialogue aspect of art. So I just keep learning. Yeah! And I definitely applaud your work, with this being a very special piece.

  2. I showed your blog to my daughter Karen, who is home for the weekend. She says this photo is frameable, and I agree totally.

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