November 24, 2015

Bamboo Detail
Bamboo Detail

It feels ancient and important and defiant and full of stories.

Bamboo has such grace and awkwardness and unlikeliness.  This golden surface with its blue-gray scars and memories seems valiant to me.  Maybe bamboo is appealing like giraffes.  Extreme thinness and ungainliness without being clumsy.  Awkward isn’t the same as clumsy.  ‘Awkward’ has some shyness and hesitancy and sensitivity that ‘clumsy’ doesn’t?

3 thoughts on “November 24, 2015”

    1. I really do love words. Books and words and reading and writing have always been magical and good and generous, for as long as I can remember. Later, images became compelling for me, after I learned to make things — sewing, knitting, cooking. Then I realized I could make representations, metaphors, as well as real and utilitarian objects.

      I said somewhere recently that it’s turtles all the way down/back and metaphors all the way up/forward. And someone near and dear to me says he thinks of time as a spiral, a spring, both circular and linear. That is appealing.

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