November 25, 2016

Not Rust
Not Rust

Nor concrete, nor rebar.

Palm trunk.  Nature and humans do similar things with texture, even if inadvertently.

That reminds me, is ‘advertent’  the opposite of ‘inadvertent?’  I don’t think so, as my software editor here underlined that in red.  Off to Google I go to check…aha!  ‘Advertent’ is indeed an antonym of an older meaning of ‘inadvertent’  — and it means ‘attentive’ or ‘heedful.’  Oooh, ‘heedful’ — that’s a great word.  Not quite the same as ‘mindful’ — a little more cautionary?

From palm tree trunks to ‘heedful’ — that’s one of the reasons I like doing this blog!

One thought on “November 25, 2016”

  1. And why I enjoy reading it. You often send me to the dictionary, and make me think about stuff. Thanks!

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