November 26, 2016


We have two magnolias in our back yard.  No flowers now, but the leaves are super-green, as are the palms.  Green despite no rain.  We are waiting for the rain, we are waiting for redemption.  The rain is supposed to come within the next hour; redemption, not so sure.

Redemption?  I rarely think of that word.  I’m not even sure I’ve ever said it aloud, although I must have, some time, in some context.  It’s not a concept I’ve considered deeply.  My first response is that redemption is related to atonement, and requires the same apology/repair relationship.  To achieve redemption, one must acknowledge and rectify.  Collective redemption?  By a community? Tougher.  Hmmm…  Redemption seems also to require transformation.  Cooking, knitting, art-making, story creation — I do like activities of transformation.  Even writing a math proof felt to me like a process of transformation.  But maybe that’s another post.

“Magnolia Redemption” — sounds like a southern novel.  Eudora Welty or…

One thought on “November 26, 2016”

  1. Redemption. Remind me – we’ll have to talk about that sometime. Too long to write about here, I’ve found it a number of times in various forms, and yes, I guess it happens to different people in different ways. Anyway, I love your green magnolias. Very lovely – hope you get or got the rain. And another thought about redemption – sort of like paying it forward or getting a second chance at sometime. Anyway …

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