November 27, 2016

A River Runs Through It
A River Runs Through It

Well, not really.  The winding path down to the campground is packed sand, and because of the slope, it gets eroded by the splashes of rain we get so infrequently.  Well, it rained last night — a pleasure to hear it splatting on the roof — and the runoff carved this channel in the path.  I think the dark color is possibly black plastic under the sand so that weeds don’t come up and turn the path into beach shrubs.

I realized how spoiled I am by our usually fine weather — I started off on my walk and then turned back when it began misting.  The mist can turn into a downpour in a San Diego minute, and I didn’t want to be far from home when/if that happened.  Maybe I think I’ll melt or wash away after all?

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